How to Manage Workplace Stress

Health conceptWorkplace stress can be both anxiety-provoking and overwhelming at times. It is important to note that stress is a normal part of life, but chronic stress can lead to physical and emotional problems (depression, fatigue, anxiety, gastrointestinal distress, etc.). This type of stress is highest when the economy is poor and when employees feel overworked, undervalued and/or underpaid.

Workplace stress can interfere with your productivity and quality metrics and it can follow you home and interfere with your personal life. It is important to effectively manage workplace stress so that it does not affect your ability to have a happy and productive life. If you are looking for tips on how to cope with workplace stress – you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with valuable tips on how to manage workplace stress.

The following tips can help you manage workplace stress: (more…)

How To Stay Motivated When Life Throws You Curve Balls

There may be times in your life when it is hard to stay motivated. This is normal. When you feel uninspired, the best way to counter your lack of zest is to maintain a positive attitude and embrace what makes you feel good about yourself.

Do not let life’s challenges drag you down – keep going. Surround yourself with positive people, focus on your health and well-being and push yourself to accomplish your goals.

You can have the life you want and deserve all with a little extra effort. Your lack of motivation will not last forever, you just need to find that “something” that can spark your creativity and will to succeed against all odds.

It is there within you – you just need to tap into it. Don’t let trials and tribulations get you down. Pick yourself up and try again. If you are wondering how to stay motivated when life throws you curve balls, you have come to the right place. This article will inspire you to keep going, even when the road gets rocky. (more…)

What Life Skills Are Required For Personal Growth?

The purpose of life skills is to improve your quality of life. You may learn these essential skills in a life skills development class or you may learn them from those around you – either way life skills are necessary to survive in the world.

Some life skills are tailored to fit a specific population (health status, age, gender, culture or religion) while others are more general in nature.

Most life skills focus on psycho-social and interpersonal development areas.

Life skills are important because you need support, self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence to be successful. They also aid in your success by providing the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

The skills not only encourage personal growth, they also help you become the person you desire to be.

The following life skills are required for personal growth: (more…)